I'm a snapshot photographer observing daily life in Amsterdam.

always on my bike ... very occasionally I get off

Daily shots and fieldnotes, 2023: May, April, March, February, January

My work mainly focuses on my personal conflict of feeling lost in this world. I’m looking for both the quiet and busy moments, unnoticed corners and rushed life in the city. Maybe I’m just trying to connect.

I shoot in a quick, simple, childish and raw candid lomography "Wabi-Sabi" snapshot style. Just observing the daily life. Mostly in Amsterdam (East) on my bike while riding

I need to share my images so it exists. Mainly for self help meditation. 

Making images teaches me to really look. Trying to connect. And truly appreciate everything around us. It is just pure magic to capture moments and to be able to watch, relive or make a new truth from it over and over again. It's the closest I'll ever get to become Alice in Wonderland and to time travel.

If I'm not happy with my images from yesterday, I try something else today. Everyday is cart blanche!

I'm an open book but hard to read. 

I need to sort out my stuff. Not there yet.


Snapshot Photographer - Dennis Sewberath



My Dark Side

For me the streets are a dangerous, fearful and chaotic place. I don't like confrontations. I don't like people in general. And I'm even afraid to photograph out there.

I pretend to be tougher than I am. I play mister nice guy. The Joker. Big smile. However most of the time I really don't care at all. I'm very interested in little to nothing. And always busy doing things close to unimportant.

I'd rather be safe at home and not go out.

That's probably why the streets are calling me. I need to fight my demons. 

Maybe capturing the streets will help me find some order in my chaos. 

My life project: Lost in Amsterdam is my rehabilitation wonderland trying to understand my meaning in the making.

A few of my visual expressions

I need urban life in order to live, to feel, to function. Although I'm feeling lost in the city. Nothing worse than silence. Most of the time I'm rushing aimlessly around. However I'm not alone and neither should you.

Always afraid of the dark. The only way to deal with it, is to get lost in it.

Why are you whispering to me? You know I don't want to go there. Something is lurking.

It's an omen. Come closer and I'll take you there.

At home I have created my own safe bunker. Yet the deserted areas keep calling me.

Escape from today. Getting lost on purpose to find direction and peace.

Mission accomplished. Leave it there. At some point it will disappear and forgotten. 

There is too much chaos to understand. Back home I can sort this out when nobody sees me.​​​​​​​ 

Inner Circle

The inner circle is the most important thing in my life. I've got your back. I'm here. I'm watching. I hope you have your own inner circle in which you feel safe. 

About this website 

This is my personal street and documentary time capsule and my self help section. In the quest to understand my own meaning and feeling in the making.

Although this is just for me to stay motivated and kick myself for going out. I need to share my daily shots and thoughts online with you so it exists.  

Even though I understand that you might not read this or care at all. As said all self help meditation.

I need these daily shots. To avoid an overdose I have to be selective what to keep. So this is just my rehabilitation wonderland.

I'm not sure what the ultimate goal is ... maybe to stop making images and erase everything.

Legal Restrictions

Currently there is no legal restriction on photography in public places and no presumption of privacy for individuals in a public place. However, if you appear as the main subject in a photograph and like what you see, please contact me and I will be pleased to provide you with a high resolution photo free of charge. Conversely, if you appear as the main subject in a photograph and you don’t like it, I make sure to remove the photo immediately.