Beauty Contest

For the first time I submitted photographs to the yearly contest at our photo department Afdeling 10 (our local photo club NAFVA is part of this). Although I participated already twice to our local photo club, this time it was the first time to submit prints.

Printing is still something new for me, but I totally appreciate the beauty of this. Your photos come much more to life when you print them.

Especially during the contest you could see the difference of the same photo projected and printed.

The contest was held at the photo club FVGVB in the Tramremise Lekstraat in Amsterdam. A great place to photograph as well.

Just a quick snapshot because I was triggered by the lights. Now I wished I made the shot a bit more to the right.

Tonight’s jury was Simone Henken. The great thing about her way of judging was not only the feedback on the photos, but also the extra lessons throughout the presentation. There was also interaction with the members about their photos, asking about the motives and giving advice and direction. I really enjoyed it and most importantly learned things from it. I loved the idea she mentioned about the 2 seconds rule. If you look at something more than 2 seconds, you need to make a photo of it. Trust your instincts, there must be something interesting if it caught your eye. Also the eye opener that a lot of things can be seen as a sort of a time capsule. Something that may not be too interesting now may become more valuable over time.

There were 4 categories

Solo – Nature and nature landscape

Solo – The Human & portrait

Solo – Free topic

Serie – Free topic (3 to max 5 photographs)

My Submissions

I submitted 3 free topic solo photographs

Feedback – movement not fully sharp can be interested too.
Feedback – To see Amsterdam in a different way. Trigger yourself to see things differently.

Feedback – wondering what this now actually is. Good to be triggered. I’ve explained to see the beauty in the mess/dirt. Advise – continue and make this a topic.

Afterwards another member told me she really likes this photo. Happy to hear this.

The serie I submitted was “Colour on wheels”. Beautiful people in Amsterdam Oost.

At the end of the evening Simone announced the winners. Pleasantly surprised that my serie belonged to the winners. Although photography isn’t about competitions and prices it does feel good if you get appreciated for your work, your own expression on how you see things. The serie is also going to be submitted to the national Fotobond. Would be great if “Colour on Wheels” is selected.

I thanked Simone for her nice way of judging and that I was happy to see that color can also work in my expression. Although I normally shoot dark heavy black and white photos. Continue also with color she said.