Beauty Contest

In 2020 I joined the local photo club NAFVA in Amsterdam. For the first year I was not confident enough to show any of my photographs. But since December 2021 I started to submit to our local contests. Today I submitted photographs for the second annual printing competition.

The judge from today is Gerard Hol from Fatamorganaa. I really enjoyed his way of judging. Instead of just giving feedback about the photos, he talked to each photographer. Sometimes with the question what the motives were for making the photo or what exactly you wanted to express with it.

My submissions

I’ve submitted 4 photographs for Streetphotography Solo.

Winners from the contest:

I really appreciated the feedback from Gerard.

Regarding the first photograph – the combination between the woman and dog. The man with his gas bottle. The three leg dog with the invalid carriage in the background.

And especially for me the eye opener that the first three photographs tell a story. Therefore the fourth one is not really saying anything. Just the different shapes of the school in combination with the basketball board. And for me the personal trigger to photograph the man himself.

When I spoke to Gerard afterwards we talked a bit more about streetphotography. And for me it is clear to review my StreetsAmsterdam section again. I don’t want to show general photographs with people on the street. It needs to be more about stories.

During the break a member told me as well about the different types of streetphotography. You have fishermen and hunters.

The fisherman deliberately selects his decor and waits for the right moment until something appears on the screen.

The hunter is constantly on the road and blends in with the situation.

I’m a hunter, I don’t have any patience to wait for something. Most of my photographs are while walking and cycling. And even while walking, I hardly even stand still when I shoot.

At the end of the Streetphotography Solo category, Gerard announced the winners. I was super happy that my first photo won. Mainly because it’s really my favorite category and that it’s another confirmation that I have to continue what I’m making.

With streetphotography you can be out there all day and come back with nothing. But never give up. I was actually trying to make something totally different in this scene.

I saw a leftover blue balloon in the garbage. A birthday party that was apparently over. Probably I was too busy to make anything out of it. It didn’t work and I cycled away.

And then I was unexpectedly surprised by that scene with the dog.

I have tried one thing another member said to me. The street at the front is a bit white. Maybe that could be a bit more darker. That could work.

The day after …

I was still so excited that I hit the streets today looking for that moment again. From the 45 minute walk I’m happy with this shot – I am calling it “A beautiful day … or maybe not?”