Feedback 3 Photos Print #5

For the first time I printed three photos (32x42cm) on A3+matt paper from Epson. And framed them in 40x50cm passe-partouts after the explanation from John.

I presented these photographs at our print discussion evening at the NAFVA.

You can bring a maximum of 8 prints, which you would like to hear the opinion of the discussion leaders and the members. The discussion leader chooses – whether or not in consultation with those present – the Photo of the Month.

Because I was so totally confused after the last photo-contest from the positive feedback from Rob Moorees. I wanted to get some advice from the members to confirm the route I think I should take.

The three photos I presented were in this order:

And the story behind the photographs and what the meaning is from the making:

Photo 1

Lomography style of shooting, analogue with 35mm B&W kodak ISO 100 or 400 (Sometimes with the Lomo LC-A or Olympus MJU II). Because I don’t have a lot of patience, this style of candid snapshots works very well for me. I see something, shoot it intuitively and don’t overthink.

For the post process it is often the opposite, I develop this with my Agfa Rondinax 35U day thank. And do the scanning with an Epson V600. The making of the photograph is something that enjoy. It really feels like you’re creating something that comes to life.

Photo 2

Just like analogue lomography, I am doing the same type of shooting digital. Before I moved to my Fuji X20, XF10 and now the Ricoh GR IIIX, I always had my small Sony WX100 camera in my pocket.

This the type of shooting is what I like the most. And honestly because it is digital you can shoot more without being concerned to buy a lot of film. Shooting film everyday would probably cost me too much.

Although I am not bursting or clicking enormous amount of shots and mostly have a maximum of 2 or 3 extra shots. And more shots can’t be done neither, it’s always a quick moment. Sometimes I shoot on very high ISO just to get that extra noise.

Photo 3

Sometimes I take a little bit more time to go out shooting. But still trying to do this in my quick snapshot candid style. I love the feeling of photographing with my Fuji X100V. These are the type of photographs that are approved at home, they are clean and neat and can be put on the wall. I like these as well but they are not my creative outlet.

Feedback from the members

So, what is the feedback from the members?

I actually wanted to be confirmed I go into the correct route. The majority liked the second photo which I was hoping for (also at the end of the night, judge and members select the “photo of the month”. This photo2 became second) . Somebody called it “unheimlich”. It is the second time I hear this about my photographs. That’s good, it is a dark mood that I want to create. I don’t see it as negative. Through the dark I can see the happiness and joy.

What I really appreciated was the honest feedback from one member, Ton, from whom I really love his work. He was direct and honest that the first one was an awful printing. During the break he came kindly to me and mentioned that only with honest feedback you can become better and learn from it. I totally respect this and would love to learn more from him. I will contact him as well to ask for more advise how I can improve my very black and white photographs in general and especially for print. Starting already!