Reto UWS

2022, December 9


I was very eager to see the results of my new Reto UWS so I had to quickly fill up my film roll today.

Earlier this week I already made some shots downtown Amsterdam (see more here - 2022, December 7).

It was a bit foggy and I thought I could make some nice images of the park (Flevopark) and the old Jewish cemetery. 

I first had to rewind the film. To be honest I was already a little bit afraid that the handle would break. And indeed it happened ... however you can click it back in again so no problem at all. 

But what actually is a benefit, if it is off you can turn it back much faster with a coin.

With my Agfa Rondinax 35U daytank I developed the film.

And afterwards I've scanned the film with my Epson V600. 

Somehow I always manage to have spots and scratches on my film. But with Pixelmator Pro I can easily "repair" these.

I've many photos that approve my taste without any exposure adjustments.

Hereby some examples without adjustments at all:

My conclusion after shooting this first roll.

The pleasure, the fun, and to shoot as frictionless as possible is just great!

Being focus free and accepting F11, 1/125 is all fine. I like the more dark images. You only need to keep in mind that even with ISO 400 B&W (Lomography Lady Grey) the photo's will be a bit dark.

Details are ofcourse missing when it is so dark. The vignetting is present but not too heavy. The left and right parts of the photo are also a bit more blurred.

For me this works, because digitally I make most of my photos darker. 

I can even say that it gives me a mystery almost painting look that I really love. Something I can't get in my normal post process. Probably also the difference between analogue and digital.

Final conclusion - I think it's great. It's also in-line with my idea to do things more simple and quick.

Another thing that triggered me, I do miss a viewfinder on my Ricoh GR.

Although I still think the Ricoh GV-3 is too expensive for a normal OVF, it's still probably worth it. My idea was that you need an EVF so you can see more in the viewfinder. But that's absolutely not necesarry. 

The viewfinder on this Reto is neither an EVF. It's just for framing. It's something I just want on my Ricoh too. During shooting today I noticed when I switched between the Reto and the Ricoh I had sometimes the Ricoh to my eye as well. 

When you look through a viewfinder, you feel like you're connecting to the image you want to capture.