A big advantage of a local photo club is not only that you find like-minded people. But that you also learn a lot about their specialty. Usually these people are very willing to share their passion.

For example, I was very pleased that a fellow member, John, invited me at his home for an explanation about passe-partouts and frames. He enjoys printing photos for members and framing or providing them with passe-partouts.

I bought an A3+ Epson printer two years ago when I joined the photo club NAFVA. I thought we always had to print our photos, however that was not required, only for the “print” discussions. Only until this weekend I decided to start with this as well.

Print is something totally new for me. I appreciate that printing your photograph is the respect you can give to your photo and the effort it took you to make it. It comes a life when it is printed.

Another benefit with printing is the selecting proces. You become very critical which photograph you find worth printing. And it also feels like a full photography process to make the circle round by shooting, making, selecting, printing and showing.

John explained me how to stick your photograph onto self-adhesive cardboard. And how to reattach it to the passe-partout.