2023, February

20 February 2023

I had to be downtown for an appointment with an old colleague. Hereby some shots from along the way. 

Today is also the start of the civil servants' strike in Amsterdam. Immediately your bicycle cannot be found anymore in the garbage that will not be collected (it's just 10am).

Most happy I'm with the image with the bird on the tram track. I really like the strange perspective and the edits applied from the Luminar AI template I made earlier this month. 

A snapshot as I would like to see it.

In the afternoon I saw from my window how Miffy was kidnapped.

15 February 2023

I cycled to the Zuidas, although the buildings were beautiful, I didn't really find images I wanted to make. 

In itself it is a nice topic to photograph people on their way to work.

On the way back I made a standard photo of the Rembrandttoren on the Amstel.

08 February 2023

I've done the same as yesterday, immediately after dropping the kids off at school I cycled for an hour.

Later on the day I did my 30 minute walk while waiting for my son at the guitar lesson.

I'm happy with the man on the bike on the "Magere Brug".

07 February 2023

Today, unlike most days, I decided to cycle into town immediately after dropping the kids off at school. The sun was shining nicely and I'm glad there's something that I like from the photographs I shot. My personal preference has the image with the two people walking on the damsquare.

06 February 2023

I may have tried a little too much today. I didn't feel like going out. Anyway, at home on the couch I won't photograph anything anyway. So at least I was down town for half an hour. It's always good to practise and to be out there. You never know. Nothing interesting today, from these four photo's I applied my new template Luminaer B&W High contrast with a bit of low key, vignetting and film grain.

05 February 2023

Shopping with my daughter ... and some snapshots.

With my new edits in Luminar I'm getting closer to the style I'm looking for. Almost there.

03 February 2023

My intention was to walk an hour from home and then an hour back. But I didn't get more than one hour in total ... too much coffee, hurry home.

I wanted to do more "Daido Moriyama" style of shooting. I'm glad I finally accept that the snapshot and lomography style is what I love. Snapshots are all about an instant moment. Too often when I look at images from the local photo club or on social media, the images are too neat, too beautiful, lacking emotion and mood. Somehow it's just too arranged. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just not something I prefer to watch.

02 February 2023

I've bought a new cap from Mokum Made.

Perfect for Amsterdam Streetphotography.

People with dogs in our apartment building... they should be aware that they leave a trail.

01 February 2023

It's starting to become a routine on Wednesdays. When my son has guitar lessons I go for a 30 minute walk downtown.