2023, March

15 March 2023

At our local photo club the NAFVA my series "Strange Bike Rides" were show. Coincidentally, I was able to add a new image to the series on my way home in the evening. But apparently I've been thinking about it all day. Because I also shot anopther one already in the morning. 

What should I do with this series? No idea.

Maybe I just want to show that you can see something funny in all the little things.

14 March 2023

Advertising or not. I've been looking at this for a while. Can't figure it out. Don't think so but it would be a good one. "Bijvullen maar" means to top up.

12 March 2023

I went to the airport very early this morning to pick up my father. 

Another proof to have always at anytime your camera with you! 

You never know what you will encounter. These images must be finished in colour, black and white is just not working. You wouldn't see the red balloon and the green pants otherwise (from the person and the sign in the back).

11 March 2023

Yesterday I mentioned shooting with my iPhone ... but I don't want to be on and with my phone all the time.

Getting my Ricoh out is much better. A quick shot when biking home.

10 March 2023

For the last three weeks I haven't really been out on the streets looking for images.

I was more working on the selection for my book "Lost in Amsterdam".

I also came to the realization (again) of what I want to make. But also how I want to make it. Easy and fast. Snapshot style.

Even though I shoot everything with the Ricoh GR IIIX. 

Sometimes I think whether it can be as easy and fast with a smartphone. Especially because I don't care too much about the quality of the image and because I'm not going to make large prints anyway.

Today 3 shots with my "old" iPhone XS.