2023, January

30 January 2023

Not sure what I wanted to do today. But I had to go out, at least I tried a 30 minute bike ride. I went downtown and back home again. It's better than doing nothing at all.

Linnaeusstraat / Wagenaarstraat, Tropenmuseum



28 January 2023

My son had a new training place in Diemen for his BeeBall / Baseball practise. 

It's always nice to go to discover unknown areas.

Gruttoplein, Diemen

Kwikstaart, Diemen

27 January 2023

My daughter wanted to buy an Ice Coffee. I waited outside. Standing still and waiting gives you time to look around.


25 January 2023

During my son's guitar lesson I quickly walked at Waterlooplein.

I've tried again a B&W Ricoh Recipe from: https://ricohrecipes.com/the-bw-collection/ 

Settings from the Dramatic Monochrome (I didn't apply the ISO and WB settings):

Effect: Hi-Contrast B&W

High/Low Key: -1

Contrast: +3

Contrast (Highlight): -3

Contrast (Shadow): -3

Sharpness: 0

Toning: Off

Filter Effect: 2

Shading: 0

Clarity: +1

Grain Effect: 3

Highlight Correction: On

Shadow Correction: Low

Peripheral Illumination Correction: On

High-ISO Noise Reduction: Off

Nowadays I'm using Luminar AI for my post process.

I've tried to make the same adjustments quickly in Luminar AI.

Maybe it's possible if you spend more time on it. But I'm far too impatient for that. So the Ricoh recipe works quite well.

The benefit to speed up my edits in this style, I can copy my RAW files back to my SD card and use the RAW Development in-camera to apply this. This also makes your work quite consistent.

Ricoh Recipe

Luminar AI edit

Ricoh Recipe

Luminar AI edit

24 January 2023

I had taken my bike to the bicycle repair shop and had to walk to the supermarket. Even if you pass the same places 1000 times, there is always something you may not have seen before.

20 January 2023

It's snowing and it's too easy to stay at home. So I kicked myself to go to out.

First I wanted to make some photos at the Dappermarkt before biking to Mr. Mokum for a new cap. 

On the way back I was lucky enough to see this gentleman walking around with his Flamingo parasol.

19 January 2023

18 January 2023

17 January 2023

Waiting at the Muziekschool Amsterdam

16 January 2023

Trying a B&W Ricoh Recipe from: https://ricohrecipes.com/the-bw-collection/ 

Carolina MacGillvrylaan / Molukkenstraat, SciencePark

11 January 2023

Lately I've been sitting at my desk too much.

And it's been a while since I walked around town.

I had 20 minutes free during my son's guitar lesson, so I walked around the neighborhood.

Happy with the grazy shot of the animal's head in the houseboat.

Also found a new image for my series called "Behind the glass".

The three photos from the National Holocaust Names Memorial are more to experiment with the mirrors. Instead of just showing the tree's reflection I wanted to experiment to make new images from the reflection trees and the trees behind the mirrors.

National Holocaust Names Memorial

Weesperstraat, Amstel

10 January 2023

Last week we went to Austria for skiing and snowboarding. It was super light to have my Reto UWS in my pocket. As mentioned I actually didn't want to take my Ricoh GR in my pocket, too afraid that if I fell it could break. For a change I made some photos with my phone. Although the photos from my phone are acceptable, they are missing something. It may be the way of shooting after all. Much more than the quality of the photo quality itself.

Hereby some photos developed (Reto UWS with Lomography Earl Grey ISO 100).

05 January 2023

Not a lot of shooting this first week in 2023.

For a change I only shot with my iPhone XS. The reason for not taking my Ricoh GR with me is that I don't want to break it if I fall snowboarding. And because of the cold. However, the cold is actually not there. Global warming is clearly visible...

01 January 2023

I didn't expect my first photo of the new year to be a selfie. We are on our way to Austria. Because we don't feel like an early drive, we had a stopover at a hotel on the A3 in Germany.